Our Stories

Stephanie Fears,
Executive Director

Why are we passionate about this ministry and alternatives to abortion?

I know first hand, the fear, confusion, chaos, guilt, and shame that comes along with a teen pregnancy; not only for the young lady, but also the father of the baby and the entire family on both sides. I had a teen pregnancy at the age of 16. Abortion was encouraged and discussed from some "friends" and even family members on both sides. But, for me and my parents, this was not an option we could consider. I praise God every day that my heart was burdened for that precious child to have life!

 For our family, we chose adoption.

After reuniting with my son 20 years later, I have been able to witness the benefits of alternatives to abortion. I have seen the productive life my son is living. I have gained a personal relationship with his adoptive parents, and heard the blessing this young man has been in the lives of those desperately wanting to have and love a child of their own! It is very evident that God has a purpose for every life, the born and the unborn!! And in His sovereignty, He can take tough situations caused by our sinful nature and give us second chances!

Whether parenting or placing, God has a plan for you and your child!